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CBD for pain management is a popular solution among those who deal with body discomfort, including joint pain and swelling. CBD is available as oil to ingest and use topically and in capsules, liquids, and edibles to consume orally. It is non-intoxicating and has few side effects. Unlike THC, it does not produce a euphoric “high.” There are many benefits of using CBD for pain relief, including its anti-inflammatory properties and natural relief from pain. 


What is the best CBD oil for pain?

CBD products designed explicitly with pain relief in mind usually have a higher concentration of CBD to help reduce inflammation and relieve muscle or joint pain. The Hemp Oils offered in Calm My Pain’s Pain Paks vary between 50mg-100mg per 30mL (or 1 oz.) of CBD, specially-formulated to provide the level of CBD content needed for effective pain relief.


How does CBD help with pain management?

CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors present in the body, helping to reduce pain and inflammation by controlling nerve impulses. Not only does CBD help reduce swelling, but it can also reduce muscle spasms, which can cause pain.


How much CBD oil should I take for pain?

The best way to figure out how much CBD oil to take for pain treatment is by starting with a low dose and slowly increasing until you find what works best for you, Calm My Pain suggests trying 0.5 to 1 ml drops, up to 4 times a day.


Pain Paks by Calm My Pain

Calm My Pain Biotherapeutics is pleased to offer Pain Paks featuring broad-spectrum oral Hemp Oil available in 1500 mg or 3000 mg. The hemp oil comes bundled with:

These supplement and stretch equipment bundles offer natural approaches to combat muscle and joint fatigue, swelling, and pain.


Pick Your Pain Pak at Calm My Pain Today

Calm My Pain is your source for fast-acting, natural, oral, and topical pain relief, offering comprehensive CBD pain management regimens in the convenience of a Pain Pak. 

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Magnesium for All-Natural Pain Relief

If you have ever experienced muscle pain, you know how debilitating the experience can be. The pain often makes it difficult to do even basic tasks, and it can take time to feel relief. 

Magnesium is an essential component of the muscle recovery process, and taking magnesium supplements can relieve muscle pains and speed up this recovery process.

What is Magnesium, and Why Do We Need It?

Magnesium helps the body regulate processes like heart rate and blood pressure and other functions, such as maintaining bone density.

It's also critical to muscle recovery after intense activity. After workouts or acute muscle pain, we need magnesium to recover quickly and minimize lingering aches.

The best sources for magnesium are dark chocolate, almonds, cashews, and spinach. However, some people may not get enough magnesium from food alone and may need to supplement their intake.

How does Magnesium Help Relieve Muscle Pain?

Magnesium serves as a nerve-signaling agent, helps regulate blood sugar levels, and aids in creating proteins. Magnesium also helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function and makes bones strong.

Magnesium can help relieve muscle pain by helping with the prevention of muscle tension or spasms and by assisting with recovery from aching muscles.

How to Use Magnesium for Muscle Pain Relief

Magnesium serves functions in more processes in the body, including energy production, metabolic processes, DNA synthesis, and protein synthesis. The most common application of magnesium for muscle pain relief is oral supplements.

Calm My Pain Biotherapeutics' Magnesium+ capsules are featured in our Pain Paks - offering complete pain relief for joints and muscles in one convenient package of supplements and stretching equipment. Intended to be consumed just before bed, Magnesium+ contains 220 mg of Glycinate for rapid muscle pain relief and recovery, as well as 5 mg of Melatonin to assist you in getting to sleep gently.

Calm My Pain Mends Muscles with Magnesium+

Magnesium is an essential mineral needed to regulate nerve and muscle function and energy production. Next time you're suffering from muscle soreness, reach for Magnesium+ from Calm My Pain. Calm My Pain is your source for Magnesium supplements to help you recover from muscle pain and soreness. 

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