Would You Pay 16 Cents for a Good Night's Sleep?

When is the last time you had 16¢ in your pocket? I would suspect if you saw 16¢ on the ground you might hesitate before you pick it up, because it’s not much money. But you might. I know I would. I’m a bit frugal. My wife says I’m a cheapskate. I feel that is a complement.

A Good Night's Sleep

I have been a physician for 15 years. I have been running my own pain practice for 8 years. I found that there is a general lack of knowledge about supplements for nutrition, especially for pain. So I started calmmypain.com a year ago to help educate my patients and the community about supplements for pain. I started selling four different supplements: CBD, melatonin+magnesium, turmeric and vitamin D. Over this last year the supplement that I found help the greatest number of patients has been the melatonin+magnesium. It has helped both my patients who have chronic pain and my patients who don’t have pain. It has helped old and young. It has been an amazing sleep aid. I take it. My wife takes it. My office staff takes it. So, I decided I need to tell the world about this.

Magnesium + Melatonin

It is so helpful. A simple combination of magnesium with melatonin in the right milligrams makes all the difference for a good night’s rest. You don’t need to take it every day. I don’t. I take it a couple times a week, but my wife takes it every day. When you need it, it is there for you. I have dropped the price to 16¢ a pill. We were selling it for $20 for a two month supply, but we’re dropping the price to $10 for a two month supply for the first 100 bottles we sell in 2022. I also decided to offer free shipping on all orders.

Restorative Sleep

So, between the cost of the supplement and the cost for shipping, basically I’m not making any money off of this deal. Why would I do this? It’s because I want to introduce the world to Zonk. I want the world to get a better night’s rest. And my company has never been about making money. It’s about helping others. I believe in the motto “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I enjoy helping others. I simply want serve my patients and my neighbors. So try it! If you don’t like it, you’ll lose 10 bucks. That is the price of a meal at McDonald’s. You are going to start sleeping harder. Your sleep will be more restful. We call that “restorative sleep.” Start enjoying sleep again! Please make sure to Contact Us if you have any other questions.