How Turmeric and Magnesium Help Recovery

Recovery is an important part of training and competition for athletes of all levels. Whether you are just starting your training, or are an athlete at the elite level, there are supplements out there that can help you as you work to achieve your goals. 

Recently I was able to compete in Irvine, California for the USMS Short Course Nationals. Calm My Pain products assisted me in my training up to the swim meet, as well as during the competition.

I regularly took Zonk - Magnesium+ (magnesium and melatonin) as well as High Absorption turmeric.

Why Magnesium?

Magnesium is a mineral that plays a vital role in many biochemical processes, including maintaining bone health and regulating blood pressure. Most importantly, magnesium plays a major role in helping the muscles relax so you can sleep better. Zonk not only has magnesium which relaxes the muscles, but also melatonin which relaxes the mind.

While I was in Irvine, I took Zonk at night to help me get a restful sleep in an unfamiliar bed. I rested easy knowing that the magnesium was also helping my muscles to relax while I was sleeping. 

The human body cannot produce magnesium. Our diet thus determines the level of magnesium in our body. While competing, it is very easy to get electrolyte imbalance either from lack of nutrition, over hydration, or just over exerting our muscles. While I compete I take care to drink liquids with electrolytes in them (Gatorade, or drinks like that). But I also take the Zonk at night for an extra measure of magnesium to my system

Magnesium Glycinate vs. Citrate

Our Zonk has 220 mg of magnesium glycinate in it for maximum benefit. Magnesium glycinate is easier absorbed into your system than magnesium citrate. If you are already taking magnesium, check to see the dosage and what kind of magnesium it is. Most magnesium supplements are magnesium citrate even though it isn't absorbed as well as glycinate. 

Easier to Fall Asleep and Wake Up Energized

Besides helping your mind relax, magnesium controls the circadian rhythm. As a result, the brain adjusts to the sleep/wake cycle to help you fall asleep and wake up energized. This mineral also regulates melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep patterns.

Magnesium is also responsible for regulating Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) to help the brain relax so you can fall asleep faster.

Quality sleep will help your body and mind relax. If you have difficulty falling asleep or have been deprived of quality sleep due to episodes of insomnia, Zonk - Magnesium+ is the solution for you. This supplement is made from all natural quality ingredients and will not only relax your muscles and mind but also help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling energized.  

This was definitely true for me in Irvine. I woke up ready to swim fast each day!


In addition to taking Zonk each day, I also took our High Absorption Turmeric. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory, similar to Ibruprofen, but much safer.

Turmeric as a Pain Relief Tool

In addition to using turmeric as a food seasoning component, it can also be utilized as an indigenous herbal product for chronic pain relief. We advocate for this natural pain relief method.

Our High Absorption turmeric contains Curcugen, a turmeric product shown in clinical studies to help relieve several painful conditions, including irritable bowels, exercise-induced pain/inflammation, and osteoarthritis. We recommend between 500-1000mg of Curcugen per day.

During my competition I took a Turmeric BEFORE my swims. You might think of turmeric the way you would think about Ibuprofen, except it's much safer and natural. 

Calm My Pain supplies Curcugen in the form of a tablet. Unlike other turmeric products on the market, our ingredients do not include Bioperine. Bioperine is a black pepper powder that aids in most turmeric products absorption. Our specially formulated curcumin is 39 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin on the market and does NOT have Bioperine in it, so it won't upset your stomach. We have established that turmeric has effective chronic discomfort treatment potential equivalent to most over-the-counter medication. We recommend turmeric for you if you are participating in physical activities resulting in muscle pain. 

Curcumin is a Natural Anti-inflammatory Compound

Inflammation attacks the body's tissues and cells. Curcumin, a bioactive substance, suppresses inflammation and other conditions, such as metabolic syndrome and degenerative conditions. Calm My Pain uses a full spectrum profile of curcuminoids to give you the best combination of anti-inflammatory benefits from a single tablet.

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