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5 Simple Steps to Calm Your Pain

Physician recommended, research based solutions to calm your pain.

1) Rest your muscles, Rest your mind
2) Calm Your Inflammation
3) Calm Your Pain Receptors
4) Stretch and Strengthen
5) Be Grateful
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Our Pain Paks provide the tools for you to do the 5 simple steps to calm your pain. Everything you need in one little box.

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See How These 5 Simple Steps Can Help You
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Real results from real people.

By the end of the first week after taking your products, I didn't notice all my normal aches and pains and had considerably more energy throughout the day. I didn't even need my mid-afternoon nap!

Lisa P.

Amazing Doctor, look no further if you are looking for a Doctor who cares about getting you to your best health. Dr. Higgins has been my doctor for 7 years. My migraines and RSD are under control. Honestly all patients are looking for relief without all the drugs. I would recommend him in a heartbeat, wait I have recommended him to two people in the last 60 days. Thank you Dr. Higgins!

Linda H.

He is wonderful. He listens, he is calm and he cares. It's hard enough to be in pain and even worse when you have a doctor that does not care. I can truly say, he is a doctor that CARES. He respects you and treats you like a human being versus $$$$.

Pamela W.

Patient since 2015, he gave me back my life.

Carole D.

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